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Dryer Vent Cleaning: Why Get It Done?

A 2012 hearth safety report said there is an”approximated 16,800 reported U.S. house construction fires involving apparel dryers which led in 51 deaths, including 380 civilian injuries, and $236 million bucks in direct property damage.” Clearly, these are only reported numbers and the true amount of drier duct caused fires may be a lot higher read more …


Dryer Vent Cleaning: The Signs of a Blocked Dryer Vent

An clogged dryer vent can cause your dryer to take a while to dry your clothes, split up your dryer, and also start a home fire. After cleaned hundreds of dryer vents, I have come to realize there are a number of indicators a dryer port may be clogged. In the event you visit at read more …