Illegal Online Pharmacies – Consumer’s Worst Identity Theft Nightmare


Illegal online pharmacies and identity theft may be a novel concept to most of you. It sure was to me several years back until I started to see emails and news regarding online drug stores offering cures and miracles, cheap! Overtime, I have encountered plenty of e-mails that directly or indirectly attempt to sell me prescription drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

If you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction, also known as deficiency of libido, go consult an MD. I highly urge that you do not utilize the services of an Internet based drugstore which is marketing drugs that can exclusively be prescribed by doctors Online pharmacy.

The whole point is that drugs that are illicitly sold on the World Wide Web are or may be a division of an illegitimate company or a sole proprietorship or identity thieves or deceitful crime rings or even terrorists or…you get the idea.

Do not be tempted to click and whip out your charge card to purchase something that might not be the real deal. Even if it is the actual deal you may be breaking the law in your respective country or state by buying drugs over the Internet without the appropriate authorization from your physician.

Many identity theft rings have side ventures, perhaps an illicit online drug store, that serves as a vehicle in the gathering of personal information. In turn, they make a little profit off of the need that you have while you willingly sign your credit away.

One must understand that not all solutions are truly free and that often participating in your own theft of identity is not worth the cheap drugs from online pharmacies.

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