Bible Study Book Review – HarperCollins Study Bible – Student Edition – Fully Revised & Updated


The HarperCollins Study Bible is a priceless Bible research tool for anybody who takes analyzing the Bible seriously. It makes a fantastic addition to a Bible study catalogĀ CFA Level 1 study material.

Allow me to offer you a concise overview for your own consideration.

The book includes a great collection of maps, graphs and diagrams, along with the Bible book introductions are all helpful, but maybe the main part is the essence of the abundant notes throughout the publication. The notes offer you a fantastic quantity of cross-references, plus they explain in which Bible’scholars’ disagree on interpretation.

You will also discover that in which a perspective is supplied, you know that it’s an opinion or assert — different from the truth. Thus, you have a selection of interpretation on your own, instead of having one forced upon you.

Additionally, you might locate the names given to the wide variety of topics or events among the verses useful, in addition to the listing of Old Testament passages which are known from the New Testament.

Plus, you may discover that the concordance too little, although adequate to assist you to find key words.

In general, I suggest this novel as a help to knowing where scholars disagree on interpretation and also for comprehension viewpoints which are supplied, versus truth. This makes it possible to develop your individual thinking and reduces your reliance on other people to the Bible knowledge.

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